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Architectural & Planning Drawings

Whether it’s a  new cabin, an extension to your existing property or a completely new development, we can help with your application and visual design drawings. 

You simply send us sketches and inspirational images of the project you want to produce  and we draw it. Its that simple!

How The Process Works

Important Information:

It is important to know when you outline the project  that the inner wall is about 10 cm and the outer wall is about 35 cm. This will eat of the total size of the house. So it’s important to think about this when planning the room sizes. Use millimetre paper ( if possible) as you outline.

Once we have signed up and sent you preliminary drawings for verification, you have two business days to provide feedback. If you need longer, this must be agreed with us. Should we finish the drawings on time, you should therefore provide us with feedback within the deadline set.

Can I make changes?

Yes, after you have received completed drawings from us, other changes will be made at your request. We then provide a fixed price based on your wishes.


We provide application for responsibility for engineering of architecture: visual design of buildings.

Design Responsibility:

The drawings are not projected. They are designed with the minimum requirements of TEK-17, but they are otherwise not dimensioned and calculated. This must be done by the responsible executive and design company. For example, a builder must dimension beams and drawers so that they can withstand the loads that the building is exposed to. We also note that all goals must be monitored on site as there may often be some variations depending on who builds the project and what solutions they choose.

Who owns the drawings?

You own drawings and use them freely in your project. You are not allowed to use them on other land than the one agreed upon when ordering. Burchell Design  is free to sell the drawings and use the drawings as advertisements in their channels. If you wish to reserve yourself that we can use the drawings freely, you can buy them for an extra  amount and own for Kr 5,000, – in addition to the package price.



Request a call back using the contact form and we will be in touch to discuss your requiements as soon as possible.

All Other CAD & Design Services

Whether its a marked up drawing or PDF file that you need converting to CAD format or a full design package, we can help. And with highly competitive rates and pricing structures we are you one stop shop for all your CAD production needs.

Some of the areas we cover (but not limited to) are:

CAD Conversions

We can reproduce any drawings you may have in either PDF, GIF, Jpeg or even as a hard copy.

Architectural Detailing

Whether its Floor Plans, Elevations, Cross Sections, Dimensional Site Plans or Setting out drawings we can provide these all supplied on your company’s title sheet.

Marked-up Drawings

Simply send us a marked up drawing and supply us with the CAD file and we’ll do the rest!

Electrical &  Plumbing

We specialise in providing cad drafting services to Mechanical , HVAC, Electrical & Plumbing Contractors and Engineers for both residential and commercial projects

3D Modelling & Rendering

No matter how good your 2D cad drawings are, your customers never truly appreciate them. Not because they doubt the effort or the quality but let’s admit it, 2d drawings are boring. Why not impress them with a 3d animated walkthrough or even a static rendered model?


Whether its Structural Wood or Steel we can provide detailing and setting out drawings for most scenarios, along with the relevant calculations.

Facades & Curtain Walling

We provide a full and comprehensive design service to the Facade and Glazing industry. From the SFS to the outer leaf we can provide setting out and detail drawings to suit your project specific needs.

Estimation and Material Take-off

Simply supply us with the relevant drawings and specification and we will provide you with a fully itemised estimate and take off to the standard you require.

Send Your Information and Drawings Via Email

Simply send us your enquiry via our web contact form, or to info@burchelldesign.no , will then contact you if we require any further information.

Agree Scope & Pricing

Upon receipt of the scope drawings we will review the output that is required. We will contact you with any queries and also any suggestions. Once this has been agreed we will send you a personalised and optimised quotation along with delivery dates.

Drawing production

Lets get to work!!... Our team will get to work on producing the requiered drawigs and will keep you updated via phone and email throughout the process.

What Our clients have to say:

I have been using Burchell Design regularly to convert my clients' .pdf and .tif architecrtural drawings into Autocad files. Burchell Design has made the process extremely easy through their on-line submittal process, their quick turn-around and their accurate work. They have never missed a promised deadline and their hard work on my behalf has allowed me to focus on my clients' needs. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a solution to convert paper or other file types into Autocad and other related drawing files. They have been professional and accurate and have been a great, cost effective solution for my needs.

Lizzie Thompson

Working with Burchell Design is like an extension of our company. Projects are done on time and with great attention to detail. Your staff always finds ways to surprise me on how much attention is paid to detail no matter the project type. Thank you and everyone at Burchell Design for the great work.

Lucy Walterson

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